• Becoming A Self-employed Entrepreneur The Netherlands

    Registration in the Dutch trade register is compulsory for every company and every legal entity, including ‘freelance’ and ‘zzp’ (‘zelfstandige zonder personeel’ or self-employed without staff).

    When you have decided to start your own business a new world is opening up, with a wide variety of possibilities. You could open a shop or start your own consultancy firm; become a full-time or a part-time entrepreneur. Clients may wish to hire you for advice or construction work.
    Before plucking up which is planted, there is a time to plant. In other words: you will have to be prepared to tackle challenges as well – either as a provider of services or products, as a self-employed entrepreneur, a sole trader, an independent contractor, or as a freelancer or so-called “ZZP-er”.

    The risky side of freedom and independence

  • Clearwater Florida Condos – Why Are They Popular and What Are The Different Types

    Clearwater Florida condos are popular with people around the U.S. and other parts of the world for several reasons.

    First of all is the location. A lot of people buy a condo here as either a winter/vacation home or future retirement home because of the climate and closeness to so many great areas and activities.

    Clearwater Florida is on a peninsula just east of Tampa and is surrounded on 3 sides by Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. This means that no matter where you are in Clearwater you are no more than about 30 minutes from the beaches. And having the Gulf of Mexico so close means that the temperature is not as hot in the summer and a little warmer in the winter than it is for cities more inland, like Orlando.

  • Mortgage Software The New and Automated face of the Mortgage Industry

    Technology is on its peak point than ever. Thanks to it, many businesses have streamlined their functions for better and seamlessly integrated many operations and mechanisms into one. Here, we are discussing such these two software namely mortgage software and Point of Sales (POS) which have revolutionized the mortgage industry.

    Both these software automate the workflow of mortgage industry. As the USP of most mortgage companies is loan origination, it becomes mandatory for them to expedite it and provide complete accuracy and convenience to their customers. Business Intelligence, as most of the companies call it, point software has made most of the companies offer paperless lending in real! Imparting quality regulation during workflow processes and loan origination, POS has increased the overall profitability of credit unions and financial companies. s.

    Likewise, Mortgage software has integrated the solutions of the hassles and concerns like compliance issues, information security and multiple product options in one. An ideal combination of different lending technology solutions, it offers profitability and efficiency in loan origination process along with simplifying compliance and data management issues.

  • Century Housing In Uganda By Pearl Estates

    Pearl Estates Uganda Limited under the management of Mr. Mitul Jobanputra has today realised her long cherished dream of contributing effectively towards the creation of an organized housing culture in Uganda as a means of fighting the problem of proliferation of slums that is a key challenge to the rapid urbanization in Uganda.

    According to Mr MITUL JOBANPUTRA, Pearl is one of the entities associated with PICFARE GROUP of companies [the Group]. The Group also owns the multi billion security printing & paper conversion and textile and garments manufactures operating as Picfare Industries Limited and Southern Range Nyanza Limited; based at Njeru near Jinja where over 2000 Ugandans are employed.

    Mr. Mitul Jobanputra the Managing director also said that the Group has had the tradition of delivering on her promises to the Ugandan public that has made it possible for Picfare to grow under the able leadership of Mr. Mitul Jobanputra, Group Vice Chairman. Pearl was no exception. Pearl, commenced construction 24 months ago and has managed to deliver the unique, elegant and exclusively fabulous Spring Hills Apartments in the serene Lubowa environment punctuated by the natural breeze from the expansive Lake Victoria; whose view adds to the beauty.

  • Retiring In Thailand – How To Retire In Style In Thailand On Little Money

    The Reasons Why Numerous People Are Considering Retiring In Thailand

    Like numerous husbands of Thai wives, me and my Thai wife are hoping to be retiring in Thailand this year.

    It is fairly customary for ‘Farangs’ (the Thai name given to western ‘aliens’) married to a Thai National to retire in Thailand, yet what’s more countless non-married people retire in Thailand as well. Why do numerous people retire to Thailand, other than to offer their partner a house in their own country?